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Owner Hooks

  • Owner Single Replacement Hooks – XXX

    Owner Single Replacement Hooks – XXX

    Owner Japan Made Single Replacement Hook XXX-Strong - Great for replacing trebles on large saltwater baits. Made with Zo-Wire, the wire strength is stronger than other traditional high carbon steel wires. This means smaller hook wire diameters for...

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  • Owner Stinger ST-66 4X Trebles 3/0 size

    Owner ST-66 - 250 Bulk Box

    Owner ST-66 4X Strong Treble hook considered the standard in Popping Hooks for big game. Why invest the time and money to chase big fish only to lose the fish of a lifetime to a bent open hook! That is the worst feeling ever, don't let that happen to...

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  • Owner Stinger Siwash (open eye) hooks.  Perhaps the strongest and sharpest Siwash hook available.  Can be easily crimped onto any lure or jig

    Owner Stinger Siwash 8/0

    Owner Stinger Siwash w Open Eye are IDEAL for your favorite Jig or Lure that is in need of an excellent hook. Hard to find, limited stock on hand. A must have for Jigging size 8/0 3pcs per pack. Made in Japan new Gunmetal Finish.  

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  • STX-68 Treble

    STX-68, 4X+ strong and made from Zo Wire, are every bit as tough as our st-76. Perfect as replacement upgrades for large surface poppers, trolling baits and jigs. Features include forged shanks and a corrosion-resistant vacuum-tinned finish. As with all...

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