Had a great trip with Tuna John, Peter K, and Jamie A. left dock Friday at 11PM - Fishing all day Saturday. Seas where fairly rough going out and windy - hard to get any good sleep, but a bit. We used 12 + oz in the morning and by the afternoon it settled down a bit and you could hold with 8oz. I was disappointed that the wreck was not "jig friendly" we tried to pick off a few big ones or a Pollack but it was snag after snag. Switched to hi/lo rigs and started to fill a very nice box of fish. 

After 11AM made a few rigs with 8/0 Gammys and started to do even better, everyone switched over to bigger hooks and it resulted in bigger fish and less dropped fish. Every rig I had with me was a 5/0 hook and it just was not big enough. Bare hook rigs out fished those with squid skirts.

Boat is very nice super wide gunnels, nice rod holders that don't scratch up your reels but cramped inside with the bunks, get there early to grab a good spot in the middle is best. Captain hit one big wreck and got it spot on, as we fished he moved the boat where and there via the double anchors but never had to fully reset.

Fish ranged 2 lbs to 6 lbs - we more than limited out, gave a few fish away and had likely would have had first & second in the pool but due to some confusion - we took 2nd and gave it back to the mates + a bit, Peter and Jamie still say we had the pool winning fish - doesn't matter now.

I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday, Merry Christmas Barners