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2022 Guided Group Trips to Panama

We have Organized more than 26 large group trips to Panama and Costa Rica going back to 2009 with the concept of "point click go fishing" meaning we take all the hassell and risk out of the equation and let you focus on the fishing and having an enjoyable holiday.



In terms of fees you will find booking with us costs you not one red cent more than if you where do it on your own, you do not pay the Guides and Charters Masters - the lodge compensates us directly.

We provide the interface btw the lodge staff, the hotels and most importantly the Captains - pairing anglers desires with those best suited for the task.  You will meet you Charter Master(s) the first night in country, typically in the format of a large group dinner where anglers from different parts of the country and world will start to form the cohesive group that makes the trips more fun and the commoradary and friendships made will last well into the future after fishing is concluded.



We will give you practical advice of what to bring and what not to bring, where to go and where not to go.  Charter Masters will help you maximize your trip, time on the water and have the success you seek.



Each evening and "apris" fishing is largely devoted to fishing talk, sharing the days experiences, what worked well and what didn't work.  Here the Guides and Charter Masters will be on hand to help you further refine your gear, lures, knots and leaders to be ready for the next morning's adventures.  Lodge staff will process and freeze your fish as requested.  Daily laundry service is also available and included saving the need to bring 5 or 6 days fishing attire.  For those without gear we can ensure loaner setups are available saving you the need to buy costly hardware.  It is expected that you bear the costs of and bring your own lures such as irons, poppers and stickbaits.  Apon registration you will receive a full tackle list of what to bring and what not to bring ie provided on site as to not waste space in your luggage allowances.




Trip#1 (Largely full, can accommodate perhaps 1 or 2 more persons)






Trip #2 (2 boats fill out of 5 available) PARADISE LODGE, PANAMA SA

May 15th to 22nd


Pricing is per person/per boat/ less per boat = more $$$


3 per boat

4 per boat

Non Fishing Wife or GF $

Private Room upgrade (If available only so many to go round)