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What is ART (TM) Carbon Fiber ?

Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™) is an exotic carbon fiber material that adds a magnitude (10X) of strength with virtually no increase in blank diameter or weight. ART significantly improves the hoop strength of the blank by preventing it from deforming or "ovaling" under a severe load, such as a powerful hook set or fish battle. ART is also a critical part of our slim-profile ferrule design.

Great rods begin with the highest quality blank materials and expert manufacturing techniques and processes.


NOTE: ART is tradename and trademark of St. Croix, An American Company.

First drawing shows artist's depiction of a rod blank (golf shaft) made with new NSi resin.

Note: smaller particles (shown in RED) in the resin penetrate the voids in the material, filling it more completely.


Second drawing is artist's version of same rod tube (golf shaft) made with traditional "Flex Coat" type resins.