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Rod Warranty

Rod Warranty


1) Ripplefisher 2 year USA Warranty, no warranty on exports outside the USA

2) Yamaga, 2 year USA Warranty, no warranty on exports outside the USA

3) Sea Floor Control, 1 year USA Warranty

4) Palmarius Lifetime warranty with $135 deductible payment


Rod Warranties cover the VERY RARE and VERY ODD case where a rod fails in the act of actively fighting a fish and/or a guide might pull or become dislodged from the thread attaching it to the rod blank.  Rod warranties do not cover breakage due to mishandling, overfishing, testing, bendos for your friends and facebook fans.  Rods do not cover you snapping the tip while releasing a fish.  Rod warranties do not cover car doors, boat hatches or angry wives.

  • Each and every rod we sell is bent and twisted as a blank, it is again tested once the rod is finished. 
  • It is again bent before we make the final shipment to you the client. 
  • Therefore we have a very high degree in confidence in what we sell.

High Performance doesn't mean unbreakable.  Just like a high performance auto say a Ferrari - the warranty doesn't cover you losing control and crashing the car.  If you buy a Rolex and drop it on the concrete shattering the crystal, it is not a warranty issue its an accidental breakage issue. 

Warranties do not cover accidental breakage except in the case of our house brand, Palmarius were we offer a Lifetime Warranty with modest deductible regardless of cause of breakage.