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  • AFTCO Alijos Fighting Belt

    The Alijos(tm) fighting belt is designed for use with 20-lb. to 50- lb.lines and is the perfect "day belt" for stand-up fishing sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, small tuna, yellowtail and other...

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  • AFTCO Arena LightDay Belt

    Perfect for sub-100lb gamefish on relatively light tackle. The aluminum plate is gold anodized. Black-anodized,CNC- machined aluminum gimbal cup comes with a stainless cross-pin that swivels up and...

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  • AFTCO Clarion Fighting BeltItem

    The AFTCO Clarion(tm) is the ultimate fish fighting belt for big game fishing. The super-thick, closed-cell EVA foam back pad is engineered to maximize both comfort and leverage, so that when the...

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  • AFTCO Drop Straps Kit

    Designed for AFTCO fighting belts and fishing harnesses, but can be adapted to any fishing belt or fighting harness. AFTCO Drop Straps are designed to be used in place of the belt straps...

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  • AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belt

    Featuring the same advanced features, materials and comfort as the Clarion(tm) Fighting Belt, the smaller Socorro(tm) Fighting Belt is designed for use with 50-lb. to 80-lb. tackle, and can be...

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  • AFTCO Spin Straps

    AFTCO Spin Strap should be used with a shoulder harness to help maximize leverage when fighting bigger fish with spinning tackle. Wrap the strap around the rod foregrip, slip one end...

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  • AFTCO Stand-Up Harness - I

    For fighting big gamefish stand-up style, the AFTCO MaxForce is the ultimate in fishing harness design. The combination of lumbar and sit-in pads distributes the load below the hips,...

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  • AFTCO Stand-Up Harness - II

    The AFTCO Shoulder Harness is the perfect choice for stand-up battles when using lighter tackle applications up to and including 50-lb. test line. The lycra® polyester covered bio-foam...

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